Transaction Detail reports

We made changes to a couple of the FZGDET003 reports found in the Department folder.

We added the month drop down parameters where you previously had to enter the fiscal period (01, 02, etc). Every once in a while someone would enter a date instead of a fiscal period so we wanted to avoid that issue.

FZGDET003B was identical to FZGDET003, except that FZGDET003 didn’t have the fiscal period drop down menu. We deleted FZGDET003, so if you had it bookmarked, re-book mark using FZGDET003B.

One of the advantages of entering 01, 02, etc instead of July, August, etc. was that you could use key strokes instead of mouse clicks. Turns out you can use key strokes on the drop down menus too. Enter M once and you get March. Enter M again and it changes to May. Likewise, entering J repeatedly toggles through all the months that start with the letter J.

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