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Invoice Detail

When running a transaction detail report, the description for invoices is the name of the vendor or individual paid. Sometimes more information is needed. For example, airline tickets purchased through Superior Travel are charged to American Express. The transaction detail description tells you that American Express was paid, but gives no information about who the airline ticket was for.

Use report FZAINV016 – Paid Invoices by Invoice Transaction Date in Finance/Department. Enter a date range, AMERI0028 for the vendor ID and your department code to see travel charges paid through American Express. Enter a % in the index and account code parameter if you are not specifying either. The invoice description will give some additional information about the charges.

Parameters – beginning and ending account codes

When the parameter says beginning or ending, you can’t use a wildcard. To get all account codes enter 0 (zero) to Z. Otherwise enter something like E000 to E999 to get just expense or P000 to P999 to get just payroll. The reason for starting with 0, is the account code for carryforward from the previous year is 0011. All the other account codes start with a letter (E, B, P, R or T).

Transaction Detail reports

We made changes to a couple of the FZGDET003 reports found in the Department folder.

We added the month drop down parameters where you previously had to enter the fiscal period (01, 02, etc). Every once in a while someone would enter a date instead of a fiscal period so we wanted to avoid that issue.

FZGDET003B was identical to FZGDET003, except that FZGDET003 didn’t have the fiscal period drop down menu. We deleted FZGDET003, so if you had it bookmarked, re-book mark using FZGDET003B.

One of the advantages of entering 01, 02, etc instead of July, August, etc. was that you could use key strokes instead of mouse clicks. Turns out you can use key strokes on the drop down menus too. Enter M once and you get March. Enter M again and it changes to May. Likewise, entering J repeatedly toggles through all the months that start with the letter J.

Grant Reports

Two reports are available to show budget vs actual activity by grant.

First if you need to find a grant code, run report FZGCHT002C – Index Reference List by Grant. Enter an index and it will give you the grant code and list all the other indexes on that grant.

For research grants, run FZROPL210 – Budget vs Actual by Grant and Index. If you know the grant code, enter % for the contract number. (Note: reports that start with FZR are for research funds.)

The results of the report automatically go to Excel. When the Excel workbook is opened, there are two worksheets – one consolidated by grant and the other with the individual indexes in the grant.

For non-research grants, run FZGOPL210 – PTD Budget vs Actual by Grant and Index.

Fellowship Reports

There are two Web Focus reports that can be run to show who has been paid Fellowships:

FZACHK005 – Fellowships Paid
FZACHK005A – Fellowships Paid Summary (was named Fellowships Paid by Semester)

They can be run by Department or by Student ID for a check date range. The first one shows the detail by check number. The second one is one line per student. In Discoverer is also had a column for semester. If that is a feature of the report that you need and used, leave a comment here or email