Michael Gretz Receives National Science Foundation Grant

Michael Gretz received a National Science Foundation grant in support of his work investigating the evolution of the land plant cell wall. The Gretz lab is collaborating with an international team of researchers using algal systems to understand cell wall polymers critical for key morphogenetic events that led to the emergence of land plants aproximately 470 million years ago. This research provides pivotal information necessary for understanding, and potentially modifying, cell walls to facilitate agricultural and biofuel production, and development of pharmaceuticals,food additives and other products.

Dr. Mike Gretz was also granted a recent award from the South Florida Water Management District for a project entitled “Determination of Polysaccharide Biomarkers from Macrophytes in Detrital Floc.”

Professor Michael Gretz (Biological Sciences) received $184,536 from Incitor LLC for a one-year project, “Biofuels from Algae and Extracellular Polymers: Catalytic Domains on Bionanolattices,” which is part of a biofuels initiative that is supported by multiple agencies in the Department of Defense.

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