Michigan Tech & Michigan Tech Research Institute Trip to Bering Glacier Project in Alaska

Dr. Nancy Auer of the Biological Sciences Department was a participating faculty member for a Bering Glacier field trip.

Since 2000, Michigan Tech Research Institute’s scientists and engineers have been conducting research on the Bering Glacier in Alaska to support a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) hydrological study. The Bering Glacier is the largest (5200 sq km) and longest (190km) glacier in continental North America.terminal moraine. The camp, complete with refueling airstrip, kitchen and mess tent, command center, and restrooms, can comfortably host 25 scientists at a given time. The scientists and their staff sleep in tents or wooden floor huts.

The Bering Glacier camp is located on the edge of Vitus Lake (see Google maps: Bering Glacier map) on a former

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Returning in zodiac after doing sampling for benthos and icthyoplankton in Vitus Lake, water is 1C so survival suits are manditory, above and below.

The Bering Glacier

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