Month: March 2010

Biology Week 2010!

Mark your calendars and join the facebook event:!/event.php?eid=368782217674&ref=ts

Biology Week : March 29th- April 2nd
*Sponsored by Phi Sigma Biology Honor Society*

Booths on a current issue in Biology in DOW lobby from 11-2 each day during the week along with these other great events:

Biology Student Organization Info Session:
Monday , March 29th, 6-7pm, DOW 642
Want to get involved in one of the many great Biology-related student organizations on campus? Come to this event to hear about all of the different involvement opportunities available for Biology students and learn about the activities and benefits of each organization! Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Organ Donor Sign-up Drive:
Tuesday , March 30th, 11am-2pm, Fisher main hallway
Not a registered organ donor? Stop by quickly and sign up!

Book Sale and Bake Sale:
Wednesday , March 31st, 11am-2pm, 7th floor DOW Atrium
Good variety of used biology-related books including textbooks. Or else, just stop by to get some yummy baked goods!

Research Seminar:
Thursday , April 1st, 6-8pm, Fisher 133
Curious about what research is conducted in the Biology Department? Come listen to professors from the department present on their research. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Hike to Hungarian Falls:
Friday , April 2nd, 4pm, meet at MUB parking lot, $10
Hike with Phi Sigma and Outdoor Adventure Program to Hungarian Falls! Fee includes transportation and guides from Outdoor Adventure Program. Email in order to reserve your spot.

Hope to see you there!

Award Recipients Announced for Sixth Annual ESC/BRC Graduate Research Forum Include several from Biological Sciences

The Ecosystem Science Center and the Biotechnology Research Center have
announced award recipients of the Sixth Annual ESC/BRC Graduate Research
Forum, held on March 26. Two grand prize awards, five merit awards
and four honorable mention awards were presented.

The recipients were selected from among the 43 posters and abstracts submitted by students conducting research related to ecology, the environment and biotechnology at Michigan Tech.

$500 Grand Prizes

Ecosystem Science Center

Meagan L. Harless (Biological Sciences) for “Effects of Road Salt (NaCl Pollution on the Survival and Growth of Larval Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvatica).” Her advisor is Casey Huckins.

Biotechnology Research Center

Eli Vlaisavljevich (Biomedical Engineering) for “Magnetoelastic Materials as Novel Bioactive Coatings for Control of Cell Adhesion to Prevent Implantable Biomaterial Associated Fibrous Overgrowth.” His advisor is Rupak Rajachar.

$100 Merit Awards

Ecosystem Science Center

Rita Koch (SFRES) for “Insect and Disease Response to Prescribed Burning and Wildfire in Pine Forests in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.” Her advisors is Linda Nagel and Andrew Storer.

Mickey Jarvi (SFRES) for “Temperature acclimation of fine roots to soil warming in a sugar maple dominated northern hardwood forest.” His advisor is Andrew Burton.

Kayla Griffith (Biological Sciences) for “H2O18 as an Analyzer of Phragmites australis Invasion from Wet to Dry Sites” Her advisor is Catherine Tarasoff.

Biotechnology Research Center

Christopher Rivet (Biomedical Engineering) for “Development of a Composite Hydrogel Containing Electrospun Fibers for Spinal Cord Injury.” His advisor is Ryan Gilbert.

Jonathan Zuidema (Biomedical Engineering) for “Incorporation of Chitosan and Dextran into Hydrogel Blends Improves Neuronal Adhesion.” His advisor is Ryan Gilbert.

$50 Honorable Mention Awards

Ecosystem Science Center

Emmanuel Ebanyenle (SFRES) for “Impact of Shoot Borer (Hypsipyla robusta) on the Wood Anatomical Properties of Plantation Grown African Mahogany Species (Khaya ivorensis A. Chev.” His advisors are Andrew Burton and Andrew Storer.

Biotechnology Research Center

Yiru Chen (SFRES) for “Overexpression of auxin efflux carrier PIN9 gene alters secondary xylem development, gravitropic response and apical dominance in Populus.” Their advisor is Victor Busov.

Natalie Hartman (Biomedical Engineering) for “Vaporized Bioglass Polymer Composites for Interfacial Tissue Regeneration.” Her advisor is Rupak Rajachar.

Sarah Kiemle (Biological Sciences) for “Land Plant Polymer Homologs in Primitive Taxa of the Charophycean Green Algae, Chlorokybus atmophyticus and Klebsormidium flaccidum.” Her advisor is Michael Gretz.