Author: jclewin

New Research

Nancy Auer (Biological Sciences), “Employing National Geographic Crittercam to Study Largest Freshwater Great Lakes Fish, the Lake Sturgeon,” $26,000

W. Charles Kerfoot (Biological Sciences/Lake Superior Ecosystem Research Center), “Instrumentation of Isle Royale Ferry, Ranger III,” $17,000

Academy Alumni Visit

Dr. Joseph Roti Roti, a member of the College of Sciences and Arts Academy of Distinguished Alumni visited Michigan Tech in September to attend the Anniversary celebration for the academy and the induction of Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen

Dr. Joseph Roti Roti ’65, Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, Radiation Oncology and Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis.

Dr. Roti Roti investigates DNA and mechanisms of DNA sensitivity of radiation. He works on nuclear protein interactions in the cellular response to ionizing radiation and/or heat shock.

Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen ’75, Chief Medical Examiner, City of Milwaukee.

Dr. Jentzen runs the Medical Examiner’s office; is an active investigator for determination for unusual, sudden or unexpected death in Milwaukee County. He is well known for his work with genetics and pharmacologically- active compound on the human body.

The alumni are members of the Michigan Tech College of Sciences and Arts Academy of Distinguished Alumni and Alumnae.