Faculty and Students Participate in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference

Faculty and students from the College of Engineering participated in the annual IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference Sept. 2-6 in Minneapolis.

Graduate student Sheng Hu and Professor Jindong Tan (ECE) presented a poster, “BioLogger: A Wireless Physiological Sensing and Logging System with Applications in Poultry Science.”

Professor Keat Ghee Ong (Biomedical Engineering) presented a talk, “Wireless, Magnetic-based Sensors for Biomedical Applications,” and he cochaired a session on “Magnetic Sensors.”

Graduate student Edwar Romero (MEEM) presented a poster, “The Use of Body Motion for Powering Biomedical Devices,” which was coauthored by Robert Warrington (IIS) and Michael Neuman (Biomedical Engineering).

Neuman also was a member of a panel of editors in a special session, and he gave a talk, “The Backbones of a Scientific Publication,” in a session designed for students attending the conference.

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