Histotripsy: Imaging Guided Ultrasound Therapy for Non-invasive Surgery

Friday, January 22
130 Fisher
2:00 pm

Presenter: Zhen Xu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

Abstract: Histotripsy is a new non-invasive technique  that mechanically fractionates and removes soft tissue using high intensity ultrasound pulses. By focusing ultrasound pulses to the targeted tissue inside the body, histotripsy produces a cluster of energetic cavitation microbubbles within a treatment region. These microbubbles, each similar in size to individual cells, function as “mini-scalpels” to mechanically fragment and subdivide targeted cell and tissue structures. Meanwhile, the tissue outside the treatment region remains intact. The histotripsy treatment is guided and monitored  by ultrasound imaging  in real-time. Histotripsy has potential for many clinical applications where non-invasive tissue removal is desired. My work focuses on cardiovascular and fetal therapy applications. I will talk about my current projects, including histotripsy for breaking  down diseased blood clots (thrombolysis), creating intracardiac communications for congenital heart diseases, and prenatal therapy.

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