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Dr. Keat Ghee Ong Earns Research Excellence Award, Dr. Ryan Gilbert Earns Grant

Dr. Keat Ghee Ong earned a Research Exellence Award of $42,785 for “In Vivo Tracking of Human Body Fluid pH with a Wireless, Passive Sensor”

Dr. Ryan Gilbert earned a grant of $20,000 for “Mentoring Program to Analyze Biomaterial Release of Therapeutic Agents in Modulating Inflammation and Improving Regeneration within the Injured Spinal Cord”

Bone Formation and Decay in Bears

Osteoporosis and Bears from Sci Central News
Bear Bones or Hormones

Associate Professor Seth Donahue’s (Biomedical Engineering) latest work on bone formation and decay in bears has been featured on the Discovery, SciCentral and WZZM13 Grand Rapids websites. Donahue investigates why bears don’t develop osteoporosis, despite sleeping away most of the winter. He has synthesized the hormone he believes is responsible, which could have implications for treating human osteoporosis.

Bears emerge from hibernation with bones as strong as two-by-fours. Why bears are able to dodge the osteoporosis bullet has been a puzzle. Now, a Michigan Tech scientist may have solved the mystery.