Month: August 2016

On-Brand Inspiration

This is On-Brand

This little bit of brand copy came in the mail yesterday. It stopped me in my tracks. No, not because I care about how to fold a blazer, but because Michigan Tech’s brand can use this literal message as inspiration.


  • It’s short and simple.
  • It’s literal; maybe even a little robotic.
  • Because there is no cute and clever headline, the copy actually pops MORE.
  • It leads with answering “why.”
  • There’s a call to action.

For our brand, I could even see something like:

“This is your Orientation guide. Here’s what you do next.” or
“CareerFEST begins this week. Find us in the red tent.”

Short. Simple. Literal. (Even a little robotic!) Let us know if you try this tactic—email

–Shannon Rinkinen
Brand Manager