Month: September 2016

Michigan Tech Through the Lens

Take a camera onto Michigan Tech’s campus. See your environment from your own perspective, and then look through an artificial lens. They’re going to be different, but ideally, we’d like that difference to be as small as possible. Our visuals should portray what people actually experience on our campus. This effectively encompasses the visual brand identity for video: Keep it real. We have plenty of beautiful scenery and stunning natural light, so we want to make the most of what’s all around us and show it like it is. We want to show agility in capturing moments as they happen instead of staging them.

So whenever possible we take the camera off the tripod and let it move in the hand or on the shoulder. It’s not the same as being there, but we’ll keep trying.

Our essence remains the same throughout our brand, but video requires a few unique considerations. Like our overall brand strategy, we use specifics first. In the case of video we also want to hear those details voiced from the source. If that’s a researcher, a student, or a member of our staff, we want to be where they are and let them use their own words to represent their world within Michigan Tech. We want to stick to a single topic and lead the conversation with the punchline because our audience needs to know what they are watching right away. Effective communication takes priority in our approach to marketing—because we make content for people who want it.

–Ben Jaszczak

Tell Your Brand Story

In 15 seconds, this Ritz cracker commercial tells a story—one that seemingly has little to do with buttery crackers—but that represents its wholesome brand. This video pulls at heartstrings and hits on a feeling most of us have felt at one time or another.

Ritz’s brand essence is likely ‘rich,’ and it’s the little things in life that add richness.

Your Story Can Be Short

What brand story can you tell that will resonate with our brand essence (honesty) and your unique audience? Keep in mind your story can be short, from beginning to end in as few as 15 seconds.

Shannon Rinkinen
Brand Manager