To Tell a Statistics Story

Campus communicators are always on the hunt for a good story. The story can take shape as full-fledged news on, it can morph into a tweet, or maybe it grabs attention on a postcard. Editing a story is one thing; finding it is a whole ‘nother. Finding stories that communicate our brand requires building connections and relationships. Listening. Conversations online and in person.

Director of Admissions Allison Carter recently drafted copy for a Statistics postcard. The story was rich—and real. I asked Ali how she came across the juicy bit. Turns out she spoke with the student, Hannah, in 2015, and featured her in a Michigan Tech Night presentation. Hannah graduated in December 2015 to work at Domino’s. Professor Linda Ott led Ali to her.

This is a wonderful example of an on-brand story. It’s a story that will pop off the piece of paper and connect with our audience. Have a look:

FRONT: Pepperoni and dough balls as a statistical model?

BACK: Yup! Especially if you’re a global pizza franchise.

Hannah, a recent Michigan Technological University statistics grad, worked as an intern at Domino’s Pizza headquarters. Based on sales, average orders, and promotions, she created a mathematical model of how much of each ingredient would be needed in Domino’s 16 supply-chain centers across the US.

Crazy smart.

Statistics is one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. There are more jobs for statisticians and college grads with strong math skills than there are people to fill them.

Learn statistical methods in class, then solve real problems and conduct real research with faculty mentors. You’ll leave Michigan Tech prepared for anything the statistical world will throw at you . . . even if it’s a dough ball.

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What brand stories can you tell? Who can provide you with more brand stories? 

–Shannon Rinkinen
Brand Manager