Where Does Brand Belong?

The Michigan Tech brand—what our audience thinks and feels about us—is, philosophically, everywhere. It’s in our culture, our events, our sports, and our bulletins. It’s in the air. When we think where brand language lives in our marketing and communications, it may surprise you to know that brand doesn’t—and shouldn’t—live everywhere.

So, Where Does Brand Live?

Brand language should be in a few essential places:

  • Headlines
  • Email subject lines
  • Captions
  • Pull-out quotes
  • Covers
  • Social Media
  • Ads
  • Transitions

So do not despair, there will always be room for the nuts and bolts of your program, features and benefits (55,000 square feet of lab space!), deadlines, and due dates. The fine print.

How Can We Work Together?

While brand language draws readers in and connects them to Michigan Tech, the content you—subject matter expert—provide gives readers the valuable details they need to know. When collaborating with UMC on external marketing pieces, often, clients provide draft content and UMC writers will take the lead on brand language.  Headlines that highlight the people, experiences and opportunities at Michigan Tech. Subject lines that influence. Value-added captions. And pull quotes that evoke our human, honest approach. Both types of content are necessary to create a successful, strategic piece.

Can you think of other important places for brand language? We’d love to hear your ideas—email brand@mtu.edu.

Shannon Rinkinen
Brand Manager