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I think we can all agree social media is here to stay. What’s more, it’s a place many of us spend a lot of our time. Ever have a conversation with a friend about one of their tweets or Instagram posts? It can feel like we live double lives—one offline and one online—with increasingly blurred boundaries.

Because social media is so pervasive, it’s important for institutional accounts to themselves have identities. Social media is evolving toward authentic relationships between accounts and those who follow said accounts. If you haven’t yet, check out the Arby’s Twitter feed—theirs is an excellent example of interacting with their base through pop culture references and genuine conversations.

Michigan Tech’s Marketing and Communications team splits up management of the various institutional social media accounts, and I’m largely responsible for @michigantech on Twitter. We strive to give each different account its own identity, and our Twitter account’s personality is a touch snarky, happy to be helpful, playful, and occasionally irreverent.

Yet despite these different identities, we work to ensure the accounts adhere to brand, just in their own ways. Our brand promise is to keep it real: Real people, real opportunities, real experiences. My personality shines through the Twitter posts because I’m a real person, and as you might have guessed, I’m by nature a touch snarky, happy to be helpful, playful, and occasionally (OK, more than just occasionally) irreverent.

At Michigan Tech, we are honest, hardworking, a little quirky, and crazy smart. Therefore, our Twitter feed is, too. Did you catch the banter back and forth between @lakesuperior and @michigantech a few weeks ago? If not, the thread is definitely worth a read! Funny, and proves that our Michigan Tech community extends far beyond the extent of our campus; many Huskies jumped into the conversation, which centered around which is the best university on Lake Superior (we think there’s a rather obvious answer).

Seeking to authentically engage with a community of people on Twitter has led to a surge in engagement during the past year, and an additional 1,200 followers. By becoming part of conversations and engaging with those who engage with us, we’re making our Twitter feed a place people want to stop by daily to check out the latest news. For us, the analytics tell us how we’re doing, but what truly matters are the opportunities to engage with people and get them excited about Michigan Tech.

Kelley Christensen
Science and Technology Publications Writer

(And the voice of the Michigan Tech Huskies! Oh wait, no, that definitely isn’t right… ahem… and the voice of Michigan Tech’s tiny chunk of the Twitter-sphere! #tenacity)

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