Safety Corner—Office Ergonomics

ergonomics-iconWe’ve all had those days where time just drags on, and as time progresses you noticed you’ve gone from sitting up right to slouching in your chair. A good way to avoid this is to use the lumbar chair support to relieve pressure on vertebrae—it gives support without you having to think about it. When setting-up you chair, be sure that your feet comfortably reach the floor while seated. Ensure screens are at proper height to avoid neck strain. Even if you are following these tips take breaks, stand and stretch every half hour while at a sitting workstation. If you really want to change things up consider incorporating a standing work station. You’ll still want to make sure your screen is positioned correctly, but it helps with back problems. Whether you’re using a sitting or standing workstation, the mouse position should be close and at the same height as the key board. To avoid carpal tunnel, use palm and wrist rests or ergonomic keyboards while typing. Following these simple tips could make your workday better and your body will thank you for the extra comfort.

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