Memorial Union 3S

Dining Services reported out the results of the “3S” that was facilitated in order to improve the safety and standardization of storage areas within the Memorial Union.
The previous situation and problems were the lack of designated places for all the items the Memorial Union houses in storage areas. Also, there was a need to create some standardization between the different areas in the Memorial Union

MUB Basement—Before
MUB Basement—Before

The following tasks were completed:

  • Proper amounts of custodial supplies were determined
  • Ordering system was developed for the Custodial Supply area
  • Removed all signs and labels from old 5S and Kaizen
  • Unnecessary items were thrown away
  • New labeling system was implemented
  • Audit system was put in place
  • Proper spaces for items were determined and labeled
  • Audit forms were created
MUB Basement—After
MUB Basement—After

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