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Mentor Program Update

Mentoring IconThe Mentoring program at Michigan Tech provides employees the opportunity to learn from experts to develop and grow in their career and balance work and life challenges. It is a relationship which supports learning and performance improvement through facilitated problem solving and clear guidance. The mentors help assess the mentee’s strengths and suggest ways to grow in their personal and professional lives. This increases the likelihood of retention and career success and fosters an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative environment.

Since receiving a grant from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) in 2015, Michigan Tech began to develop a staff mentoring program. The success of the program in its first year paved way to the second cohort of trained mentors. The second cohort consisted of 20 mentors who graduated from the staff mentoring training program and have since been matched with mentees. After the graduation of the second cohort, WorkLife Connections at Michigan Tech carried out a mentee survey and two mentor focus groups to assess the progress and development of the mentoring program.

The data from the survey suggests that the mentoring program has been successful in helping mentees learn more about Michigan Tech. 80% of respondents stated that they were able to learn more about the university and its various departments and services from their mentors. 50% revealed that the mentoring program helped them develop their network of colleagues and 40% stated that it provided them with knowledge of a career path. 30% of respondents also stated that the program helped them develop their interpersonal and communication skills and helped gain knowledge of a different job function.

According to the survey results and the focus group discussions, the mentoring program provided an avenue for the mentees and the mentors to discuss a range of issues: childcare, resume and LinkedIn building, and improving the mentees relationship with their department and supervisors. The mentoring program is a dynamic partnership built on mutual respect, trust, and the sharing of ideas and experiences. The program proved to be especially useful for those mentees who were new to the region and to Michigan Tech. The mentors were able to give them the proper guidance, tools, and institutional knowledge to help them succeed and become a part of the campus community.

Inclusivity IconWith the help of the Gallup Strengths Finder Test, mentors assessed the individual strengths of their mentees and advised them on areas they could work towards improving. For those mentees that were unsure of their goals and what they wanted to get out of the mentoring program when they first joined, it was revealed that the presence of a mentor to act as a sounding board helped them better streamline their thought process and set benchmarks in their personal and professional lives.

A number of mentors stated that they were able to impart their knowledge of specific skills to their mentees. For example, one mentor was able to teach a mentee how to do an audit; another mentor helped a mentee in creating budget projections for their supervisor. One of the mentors successfully guided their mentee into their new position and helped the mentee improve their interviewing skills by providing practice interview sessions and feedback.

If an employee is unhappy, it shows in their work, their interactions and in their behavior. One mentor suggested that the university make use of the mentoring program as an institution-wide system of development to improve their staff, faculty, and students experience. The mentoring program is a great support network for those in need of professional guidance on campus. The data from our survey and focus groups suggest that the Michigan Tech mentoring program brings value to various stakeholders at many levels—mentees, mentors, supervisors, colleagues, the university and the campus community. The mentees have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from an experienced employee who has achieved a level of expertise they aspire to attain. The mentors have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of professional knowledge and skills through their instruction and facilitation of the mentee. Finally, the university has the opportunity to further develop and disseminate the wealth of talent, skill and knowledge of its employees.

Learn more about Michigan Tech’s Mentoring Program at the WorkLife Connections Website.

Special Operating Hours Pilot

Business Operations has facilitated a pilot project designed to gather and organize the special operating hours from the various departments on campus into a single source. This special operating hours project was initiated in 2015 when the daily Tech Today feed was overwhelmingly populated with special notices from departments across campus communicating their specific hours for the fall, winter, and spring breaks. The ultimate goal of the project is to have Tech Today serve as a reminder for departments to submit their special operating hours to Business Operations where they will be posted on the /Business-Operations main page. The ultimate list of the department’s operating hours is also linked to from Michigan Tech’s main page.

According to Google analytics, the Business Operations website has been visited over 750 times in the last month that the special operating hours report has been active.

You can find the special operating hours form and list on the business operations website at

Business Operations | Special Operating Hours
Business Operations | Special Operating Hours

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Michigan Tech Participating in Great Colleges to Work For Survey

Michigan Tech is participating in the Chronicle for Higher Education‘s 2017 Great Colleges to Work For survey.

The survey measures 15 workplace dimensions, including professional development, collaboration and fairness. The Chronicle for Higher Education will publish a list of recognized institutions in the fall.

A random sample of 600 Michigan Tech employees (both faculty and staff) will receive a survey invitation via email from Great Colleges (note that this email will not come from an address).

The invitation will be sent to the randomly selected employees directly by the Great Colleges program, and will include details about the program and instructions on how to access the survey. The survey is voluntary and completely confidential — Michigan Tech is not interested in, nor will we be able to trace results back to individuals.

Employees can consider this as a follow-up to the University Senate’s 2017 evaluation of the president, focusing on workplace quality at Michigan Tech.

All survey responses will be processed by ModernThink, LLC, an independent management consulting firm working with the Chronicle for Higher Education to coordinate this annual program. If you receive the email invitation, you are asked to take a some time to complete the survey.

You will be representing not only yourself, but all your colleagues, so your feedback is invaluable. This is a chance to make your voice heard, and a high response rate helps ensure an accurate representation of the Michigan Tech community.

The survey opens on Monday (March 13) and closes on April 7th at the end of the business day.

If you have any questions, contact Ann Kitalong-Will, executive director of business operations-Vice President for Administration Office at 7-1809, or visit