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Facilities Management—Student Wage Matrix

The hiring team at Michigan Tech’s Facilities Management department has developed a Student Wage Matrix to improve the hiring of student employees consistently across the department.
There had been some disparity between student wages in Facilities with little documentation or standard guidelines regarding student employee wage rates based on the students’ skills, experience, and their job tasks within facilities management. There was no consistency within internal departments, and Facilities was unable to track student performance long term. With the problem identified, the hiring team looked to best practices being implemented by peers in other departments on campus and at other Universities. As a result, the process drew heavily from similar guidelines used by the University of Missouri and Western Michigan University.
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The benefits of having an established student wage matrix include:
Consistency: The wage matrix establishes standardized job descriptions for student employees that are intended to eliminate multiple job descriptions for the same employee classification which will improve record keeping as well as aid in decision making when hiring a student.
Accountability: The wage matrix provides a foundation for managers to determine wages depending on personality characteristics and employment competency levels. It’s also a tool for managers to use in maintaining decision documentation during the hiring and advancement processes.
Equity: The wage matrix ensures that student wages are consistent with that of other personnel, staff, or fellow students and improves the overall team dynamic.
Flexibility: The wage matrix takes into account changes in the State and Federal minimum wage rate, and pay ranges are rooted in a non-monetary minimum wage rate with only wage rate increases being monetized.
The hiring team also wanted to have a consistent and transparent set of guidelines for student employees. They created a student employment agreement that outlines minimum expectations for the student employees, specifically as related to the dress code, mobile electronic devices, tardiness/absences, and similar common workplace standards.
For more information, please visit the Facilities website here: mtu.edu/facilities/