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New Policy Announcement—1.15 Accessible Information and Communication Technology

Accessible Information and Communication Technology Policy

The University Policy Office and Institutional Equity announce the issuance of new University Administrative Policy 1.15 Accessible Information and Communication Technology Policy.

This policy extends to the creation, procurement, management or dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICT). The policy states Michigan Technological University is dedicated to providing equal opportunity for all students, employees and members of the public, including those with disabilities, who access our services, programs and activities. This includes providing equal access to University ICT such as University systems, websites, electronic documents and educational and training materials.

The policy can be found on the University Policy website. If you have questions about the policy, contact Institutional Equity  (7-3310). Visit the new Accessible Technology website for more information and resources.

New Initiatives—Policy Biennial Review

—Ann Kitalong-Will, University Policy Office

Michigan Tech’s Policy Office maintains the University Policies and Procedures Manual, ensuring that administrative policies are developed using best practices in policy administration and are in compliance with Board of Trustees’ policy. According to Board Policy 3.2 University Administrative Policies and Procedures, all university administrative policies must be enacted, published and periodically reviewed using uniform standards and formats.

Image of a Policy Memo

To ensure that University policies are up-to-date, we have implemented a biennial (every two years) formal review process. Please note that any office may still update their policies through our office at any time; this formal review is intended to be responsive to any change in regulation or legislation impacting policies, reflect updated practices and position responsibilities, and any other specific revisions that may be deemed necessary.

This process will begin in late November and will proceed through the spring of 2018.