A Tie That Binds: Resurrecting a Business Tradition

The School of Business and Economics is resurrecting the tradition of the red tie. Previously, alumni who passed the CPA exam sent a red tie to Sam Tidwell, who taught accounting at Tech for many years. Approximately 140 made their way to Houghton, where Sam would regale the students with stories about the new CPAs.

Darrell Radson, dean of the School, wants to bring back the tradition. “In honor of Sam, and to keep connected to our alumni, we are reinvigorating it,” says Radson. “And we know [accounting faculty members] Larry Davis and Joel Touriniemi would love to continue this.”

We caught up with some veterans of the tie.

Paula (Kauppi) Seiter ’70 was the first woman to earn the CPA after graduating from Tech.

“I found Sam Tidwell’s enthusiasm for accounting contagious, and it inspired me to pursue a career in accounting,” she says. “I have fond memories of Sam; the enthusiastic professor, Southern gentleman, and all-around great person.”

“I still have hanging on my office wall a letter (a full page, before word processors) that he sent me at the completion of my freshman year,” says Dan Greenlee ’74, Tech’s chief financial officer. “He recognized my good grades and encouraged me to continue within the accounting major. He also invited me to stop by his office anytime and discuss where the accounting field could take me. His closing line always reminds me how he supported and encouraged his students.”

‘I believe that you have all the material necessary to make a significant contribution to the business world, through accounting.’”

Send your ties to Darrell Radson, Dean of the School of Business and Economics, 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, Michigan 49931-1295.

This post was written by Dennis Walikainen, a Senior Editor for Michigan Tech’s University Marketing and Communications.

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