LinkedIn Student Directory: Call for Profiles!

linkedin-student-directoryThe School of Business and Economics is proud to announce the newest addition to its website, a LinkedIn Student Directory. The goal of this directory is to provide recruiters and industry professionals with another option for finding quality, Michigan Tech business students who are in search of co-ops, internships, and jobs. The directory will be available during the Career Fair on September 29th so please have your information submitted before then to be added.

To be included, please email the following information to Lynn Czarnecki,, as soon as possible:

  • Name
  • Academic year: 2nd year, 3rd year, etc.
  • Major
  • What you are interested in: Co-op,Internship, Full/Part time job
  • Link to your LinkedIn Profile (go to to set up your profile.)

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business‐oriented social networking site founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly used for professional networking. As of July 2009, it had more than 43 million registered users, spanning 170 industries. (taken from, Sept. 23, 2009)

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