Student Spotlight: First week of classes from Danielle

Orientation week was a blast but I had my doubts that the fun would continue once reality hit. I kept forgetting that I was going to have classes to go to and homework to do every day. However the fun did not end. At Michigan Tech, the first week of classes is called welcome week. Throughout the week there are activities such as movies, concerts, a photo booth, trips, and free plants for you dorm. But in addition to all of these official events organized and advertised by Tech, there was simply a lot going on around the campus…things to do with new friends.

The first week of classes was a lot to take in. It takes a little adjustment. Some of the classes pose a challenge while others may seem pretty easy. It is important to make sure your schedule and classes will work out, as it is best to make changes in the first week. Your advisor becomes a very important resource, plus the advisor for the business program is awesome and very helpful. One of my favorite classes so far, despite the fact that it was the class that I was the least excited for it, is business law. Sounds boring, I know! But it’s not. We do have to do a lot of reading for the class, but the professor is really animated and there is a lot of class participation in discussions of past court cases. It makes you think.

Outside of my classes I have stayed plenty busy. I am worming my way into a few university club and organizations that I want to be part of. There are so many on campus that it is impossible not to find at least one that sounds interesting. Michigan Tech also ran a blood drive during the week. It’s an awesome opportunity to volunteer and do some good. My roommate and I went on a trip to Hungarian Falls on the weekend with the Outdoor Adventure Program. It ended up being more of a trickle then a fall but was really beautiful. I finally got a chance to check out the Tech Trails. A new friend took me mountain biking. It was my first time riding single track and I survived! The trail system is awesome up here. If you are into mountain biking, you are in for a treat! They have some crazy obstacles speckling the trails. You just can’t beat it if you’re into adrenaline rushes!

I have also gotten to know my hall a little bit better. There are ninety people but it feels like an extended family. There is always someone to go eat with or who wants to go out and do something. We have had movies going on in the common room nearly every night. Not to mention cookies, slushies, and popcorn. My hall has also gotten quite into slackline. If you know what that is, props to you, if not, just imagine walking a tight rope between two trees but imagine it more difficult. We also had a challenge course facilitated by our resident assistants, followed up by a barbeque. And last but not least Frisbee!

Over Labor Day weekend the school hosted a concert by Chris Cagle. The tickets were free, yes free, for all students. It was pretty awesome! During the weekend we also had Schoolyard Olympics, where halls compete as teams in different events including sidewalk chalking, musical chairs, relay race, water balloon toss, and steal the beacon. The competition gets fierce! It is a ton of fun to watch and even more fun to be part of.

This next Friday is K-day where classes are cancelled and pretty much the whole school is bussed out to McClain state park on Lake Superior for a day of fun in the sun! (Fingers crossed for the sun part.) Not to mention, that means this week everyone only has three days of class!

Our guest blogger, Danielle Boettger, is from Dearborn, MI and is majoring in Economics at the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Tech.