APMP Students Present to Advisory Board

Last Thursday, the Applied Portfolio Management Program presented their outlook and investment strategy to the advisory board for approval of fund management for the school year. Students presented their prediction of the economic situation over the course of the next year and their specific approach on portfolio management and received approval from the board.

“The students had the opportunity to practice their presentation and information delivery skills,” stated APMP advisor, Dean Johnson.

For more information on the program or to join, visit the APMP website.

About APMP

The Applied Portfolio Management Program provides the unique opportunity for senior students to manage an investment portfolio comprised of funds provided by the Michigan Tech Endowment fund as well as other generous donors. APMP was initiated in 1998 through generous contributions of alumni and friends of Michigan Technological University. APMP enjoys the gracious support of many firms, the University, The School of Business and Economics, and the School of Business and Economics National Advisory Board.

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