Take the 2011 iOMe Challenge!

Calling all students!

Lecturer in economics, Emanuel Oliveira, is looking for students this fall to enter the iOMe Challenge. The challenge, started in 2009 discusses how local organizations might engage the so-called Y or Millennial generation to think about their own future, 40 years from now.

The iOMe challenge they designed consists of two components; an essay and a video.

Essay Contest (due October 31, 2011): Write an essay of no more than 10,000 words that answers why do people today feel it is much harder to engage in financial savings than earlier generations when, on average, the earlier generations were much poorer than today? What would you propose as a solution to change and increase savings rates?

Video Contest (due November 21, 2011): Produce a short video (60 seconds or less in length) that compellingly illustrates some of the findings, either the reasons for the decline in savings or solution(s). The video should be crafted as a visual representation of the key elements of the Essay. You might think about the essay as the screenplay and the video as the movie.


Winning team: $10,000 + $2000 (faculty advisor) + presentation in D.C. to members of Congress.
Honorable Mention(s): $2,000 + $500 (faculty advisor)

Last year students Coleman Segal and Adam Eidelsafy were finalists in the competition and created the video below to illustrate the truth about the personal savings rate.


Are you interested?

Contact Emanuel Oliveira if you are interested as an individual or as a team at emolivei@mtu.edu.

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