Day: November 11, 2011

Change for Change – Help raise money for Michigan Youth in Government

The School of Business and Economics, American Marketing Association (AMA) student chapter is raising money for students to attend the Michigan Youth in Government (MYIG), a Conference where high school students enact as an actual government. These students write bills and proposals about Michigan’s current issues and debate on those issues. They also run for leadership positions such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Lobbyists, Senators, and Representatives.

A lot of students have taken a class in preparation for this conference, and have put a lot of time and effort into this, but do not have the funds to attend. Help reward these students for their hard work and dedication by donating to the Change for Change fund.

How you can help? Check your pockets …

A little spare change can go a long way! There are RED trash cans placed all over campus to collect change or dollars to raise money for the students. Any donation is appreciated.

Thank you in advance!