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IBM gives virtual tour of Experience lab Seminar Wednesday, Feb. 7 4 p.m., EERC 103

Visiting us will be David Barnes, Program Director of the IBM Solutions Experience Lab in Austin Texas and Ann Strosaker of IBM’s Software group. The Solutions Experience Lab is an innovation incubator comprised of a kitchen, living room, cafe, hospital room, loading dock (including a vehicle in the building), and a complete house, all automated with the latest technologies from IBM and their partners. Via Web cam David will take us on a virtual tour of this innovative lab, discuss the emerging technologies on display, and give hints on how to prepare ourselves for a career in this fast moving Web enabled world.

During his IBM career David has held a variety of positions in hardware engineering, software engineering and marketing. In 1987, under the auspices of Senior Product Manager, David began traveling to customer locations around the world, briefing them on IBM’s software strategy and relaying their requirements back to IBM’s software development labs. After 15 years on the road David adopted a more appropriate title — Lead Technology Evangelist. David has been involved with internet technologies since the early years of the Web’s adoption, including keynoting the first Internet Superhighway Summit in 1995.

After leading the evangelism efforts for IBM’s WebSphere software offerings and SOA, David went on to manage the IBM Extreme Blue innovation laboratory in Austin Texas, and then worked as the Program Director of the IBM Solutions Experience Lab, managing and developing a one-of-a-kind showcase for IBM and IBM Business Partner Solutions. Today David is leading IBM’s evangelist efforts around Web 2.0 technology and standards, while feeding customer requirements back into IBM’s research and development teams.

Ann has 10 years of business and technology experience in new technology evaluation, developer relations and IT systems management. Currently she manages demonstration strategy and enablement for IBM’s Software group. Previously, Ann was Manager of the Extreme Blue program in Austin, TX and Europe as well IBM’s University Talent Programs in the central region of the US, including IBM’s university presence and talent recruiting in this area.

In past roles, Ann has led IBM developer outreach programs, working to educate user groups around the world about IBM’s leadership in Java, XML and Linux and the product offerings around those technologies. Ann also spent several years with IBM Global Services in Strategic Outsourcing, working on major infrastructure projects for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Ann received her Master of Science in Science and Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas (Austin) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio).

A video of IBM’s Extreme Blue Austin Energy Project can be viewed at

This seminar is sponsored by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies as part of the Pavlis Institute’s seminar series.

Board of Control Gives Final Approval to MBA Program

On June 22, 2006, Michigan Tech’s Board of Control approved the new MBA for the School of Business & Economics. A spin-off from the MSBA which was reintroduced in 2004, the new fast-track MBA will enable students to complete an MBA in one year.

Board of Control Chair Mike Henricksen and SBE Dean Dr. Christa Walck
Board of Control Chair Mike Henricksen and SBE Dean Dr. Christa Walck

“The program meets the demands of today’s fast-paced and technologically rich workplace,” said Dean Christa Walck, “and will make a significant contribution to Michigan Tech’s efforts to integrate business and technology. These MBAs will create the technology-driven businesses of the future.”

Dave Brule ’72 donated $250,000 to support the new master’s program and additional donors have given or pledged $453,000.

The MBA targets undergraduate students with engineering, technology and science degrees. It adds a broad knowledge of business functions and business skills to give students a competitive advantage in the job market. The 36-credit program includes a core of business courses and 12 credits of electives that students can tailor to their interests.

New MBA Ad
New MBA Ad

Associate Professor Sonia Goltz was named director of graduate business programs on May 8. Goltz has a PhD from Purdue University in industrial psychology and has taught at Tech since 1996. Her research investigates the phenomenon of escalation of commitment (“throwing good money after bad”) and sex discrimination in the workplace.