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Plug into Your Business Network

On Thursday, August 27th, the School of Business & Economics hosted a welcome luncheon titled “Plug into Your Business Network” on the lawn in front of the Academic Office Building for students, faculty, and staff.  “It was a beautiful way to kick-off the new school year while spending the afternoon outside networking and getting to know the new students on campus, ” said Joanne Chalgren, the new Outreach Coordinator for the School.

Chalgren, as new as some of the students, was happy to have the opportunity to mingle and become familiar with both students and faculty before class instruction begins this coming Monday.

Faculty and staff members moved amongst the crowd of students, tents, and picnic tables.  “The atmosphere was wonderful,” Dean Darrell Radson noted, “it’s great to start the new school year off with socializing and building relationships before getting into the books and lectures.”

This orientation week marks the start of four years for these students within the School of Business and Economics. Students have spent this week making new friends, becoming familiar with the campus, and taking care of last minute class registration. Everyone is excited to begin class next week and continue to plug into their business network.