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MBA Association 1st Annual Golf Outing: Success!


The MBA Association Golf Event was great. MBA student Brett Waterson-Rosso gives instructions under the watchful eye of Tom Merz, associate dean of the School of Business and Economics.

Seventeen two-person teams teed off at the first MBAA Golf Scramble Saturday at the Alumni Reunion. The event, run by the students, was held under perfect weather as the teams enjoyed the challenge of Portage Lake Golf Course. Plans are underway for next year’s event, as are plans for the rest of the Alumni Reunion, which filled the campus and communities with laughter and memories from “back in the day.”

Michigan Tech MBA Students are Top Performers in International Simulation

L to R: Dana Johnson, Team Ferris: Ryan Jones, Rhen Hoehn, Paul Moyryla, Dustin Denkins
L to R: Dana Johnson, Team Ferris: Ryan Jones, Rhen Hoehn, Paul Moyryla, Dustin Denkins

Business schools from around the world use simulation programs to encourage students to think strategically and reflect on decisions made in businesses everyday. Advancing technology has allowed simulator companies like Capsim Management Solutions to network the simulations and allow team-base competition for simulator participants.

Five teams of MBA students in Dr. Dana Johnson’s Business strategy class were competing against between 125 to over 400 teams from around the world in a recent exercise through Capsim’s Capstone® Business Simulator. “The simulation is a valuable tool that brings all of the business disciplines together for a valuable exercise. However, its important to me that I don’t teach students how to play the simulation, but to teach the best strategy implementation techniques to apply throughout the business decision-making process.”

Dustin Denkins and his team, Team Ferris, consistently placed in the top 10 results throughout the duration of the simulation. “The capstone simulation was a great lesson in business strategy that helped roll-up other coursework.  Our success was due to great teamwork and our ability to apply knowledge learned in other classes.”

Teams faced challenging decisions during the simulation due to shareholder input, pricing and operational strategies, and the state of the economy. “It was a challenge to maintain the proper marketing mix, managing customer needs, researching competitors, and improving our processes while making a profit,” added Denkins. “The most crucial moment for our team was the decision to stick with our original company mission and the strategy we used to achieve our goals.”

On the final day of class, Johnson held an awards ceremony for the teams. Prizes included Lifesavers®, for the team that placed 5th in the class, 100 Grand candy bars for the winners, and other themed chocolate prizes that related to team performance.

Career Re-Tool Workshop: July 13, Southfield, MI

michigan-tech-retool-business1Michigan Technological University’s School of Business and Economics in collaboration with the Alumni Association  has developed a Career Re-Tool Workshop to help you Re-Tool, Re-Wire and Re-Think your career and future.

This FREE event is designed to enable you to evaluate your career planning strategy and position you to grow personally and professionally. This is a must attend event for job seekers, those in career transitions and people who want to re-tool themselves for promotion in a challenging job market.

Register Today. Seats are limited.

Register at:


Hajj E. Flemings – Personal Brand Strategist/Founder of Brand Camp University

Brenda Rudiger – Director of Alumni Relations at Michigan Technological University

Paul J. Hindelang – President at Results Systems Corporation



Re-Tooling yourself with Education

We will explore the value of education as a career strategy to help you stay globally competitive in a challenging job market. This session will focus on the benefits of an MBA and higher education to empower you to reinvent and re-think your future.

Re-Wiring your Career with Social Networks and Online Tools

Come and learn how to rewire yourself through social networks and online channels to connect with companies and identify new career opportunities. Become a person that understands how to translate their network into value.

Re-Thinking your Financial Strategy

Has your 401K got you down? It is time to re-think your financial strategy and prepare financially for your career transition? Come and get fresh new ideas for investing, financial planning, insurance and social security.

To RSVP, please visit the Alumni Association website.

Local Brewery Marketing Plan (Videos)

The Keweenaw Brewing Company is a favorite amongst residents and students of Michigan Tech. MBA students Maria Kasza and Nils Stenvig created a marketing plan as part of Soonkawn Hong’s Spring 2010 MBA marketing class.  One of the requirements for the project was a video of the recommendations. Featured below are the video results of the plan.

**Implementation of any marketing strategies shown in these videos are solely at the discretion of Keweenaw Brewing Company.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Taste Something Different: MBA Student’s Far East Grocery Store Provides Convenient Eastern Food

far-east-grocery-01Far East Grocery, located at 236 Quincy Street in downtown Hancock (across from Superior National Bank), is dedicated to providing quality, authentic, hard-to-find grocery items to the local and university communities. Started by Michigan Tech MBA student, Jo Zhou and Chris Woods, the store keeps stock of Asian snacks, tea, spices, sauces, rice, noodles, frozen seafood, and candies that may not be easy to find in other local grocery stores.

“Becoming an entrepreneur is a great application of what I have learned in school and the MBA program,” she said. “Going into business for myself will give me valuable experience with different aspects of business: finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, operations, etc., which would be more difficult to learn if I worked for a company at an entry-level position.”

A goal of Far Easy Grocery is to bring convenience to the international visitors in Houghton and Hancock and more variety to the local grocery options. Located in central downtown Hancock, the store is open from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm on weekdays, 11:00 am – 5 pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.

The hard work to open the store is starting to pay off off and the customers aren’t the only one’s who are benefiting. “It’s a learning experience,” said Jo. “I am learning from solving problems.”

Being a Student Entrepreneur

Education continues in the classroom as well. Jo is pursuing her MBA degree at Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics. “I am a business owner now, but still a full time student. Sometimes I have time conflicts, this is a big challenge I am facing now. Time management is really important and I’m learning to work efficiently during business and school hours,” she said.

“The MBA program has given me a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills concerning business and management. Many of my fellow classmates in the MBA program are hardworking and ambitious. Most are planning to be—or already are—entrepreneurs. I’m just ordinary among them. The theory and skills I have obtained and the atmosphere of MBA program made me eager to practice in the real business world.”

Jo had this advice for anyone with a desire to open their own business, “Whatever challenges you are facing, think of ways to conquer. Everything will work out, as long as you are willing to learn.”

Learn more about the Tech MBA.

The School of Business and Economics sponsors the Entrepreneurs Club, which has helped six students start their own businesses over the last 2 years. If you are interested in starting a business or would like to share ideas with like-minded people, please contact Bob Mark at or visit the Entrepreneurs Club website.