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Students Travel to Silicon Valley

Almost 30 alumni joined 16 Michigan Tech students, School of Business and Economics faculty member Bob Mark ’72, and development staff Adam Johnson ’98 at a student reception at the Computer History Museum on March 8th San Jose, CA.

Alumni Shankar Mukherjee ’86 and Dale Luck ‘79 gave testimonials and entrepreneurial words of wisdom to the students, and technology company Barracuda Networks spoke about their success with Michigan Tech employees, and compatibility of the work ethic of the Bay area to the hard working, technical nature of Tech students. Alumna Pooja Gupta ‘03 said, “It’s really great to see all the interaction between the students and the alumni. What an incredible opportunity for everyone.”

The students spent their Spring Break touring hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley during the day, and exploring San Francisco by night. The students paid their own way in an effort led by the School of Business and Economics.

Some highlights included a full morning on Google’s Mountain View campus, (spearheaded by a trio of Googlers including Tech alumna Danielle VanDyke ‘06,) a presentation and data center tour at Brocade Networks led by alum and donor Dave House ‘65, and a technology tour of alum Tom Porter’s ’68 Napa winery.

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Leadership: Moving people and Organizations Forward

Latha Poonamallee and Bob Mark presented at this year's Blue Key National Conference, themed "Variables of Leadership."
Latha Poonamallee and Bob Mark presented at this year's Blue Key National Conference, themed "Variables of Leadership."

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Latha Poonamallee, and Professor of Practice, Bob Mark, presented at the 2010 Blue Key National Honor Society Conference this past Saturday during Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival weekend.

This year’s annual conference, themed “Variables of Leadership,” was held right here at Michigan Tech. Poonamallee presented an interactive workshop, focusing on how to lead groups using positive organizational approaches. Mark’s presentation focused on becoming a leader through chasing your dreams

According to the president of Michigan Tech’s Blue Key National Honor Society, Kyle Torni, they requested to host this year’s conference after several others became interested in the area. “A lot of students from other chapters wanted to see Winter Carnival and see what we did as a group,” Torni said. “I think it’s a great opportunity to show everyone our culture and what our university has to offer to students, including our faculty.”

Poonamallee was a natural choice for a leadership presentation with research interests based in leadership, partnerships, and processes of change toward building a sustainable and equitable world. She consults with and conducts leadership training for-profit and not-for-profit organizations across the world. “We were in need of an interactive presentation and SherAaron Hurt, who had Dr. Poonamallee for a class, suggested her,” said Torni.

Presenting at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, Mark was faced with the challenge of waking the audience up. He kept the audience engaged with anecdotal stories and a little magic. “I did a couple tricks to welcome them to Houghton,” Mark said, a practicing magician for over 20 years. “I try to pick tricks that go with the topic I’m talking about. It’s not just doing tricks to do tricks, people seem to remember key points when they are associated with magic.” He did a variety of tricks, and closed his presentation with floating a table across the room. Mark used his illusions to get his point across about the importance of integrity.

Mark said that he sees a lot of leadership qualities in the business students here at Michigan Tech. “They just gravitate toward the top,” Mark said. “Blue Marble [an electrical engineering enterprise] is the largest enterprise on campus and three years ago the head of it was a business student. Last year the head of the University Student Government was from the School of Business and Economics. It’s not just the coursework, it’s the experience that they get on campus.”

The conference was put together by a committee of Blue Key members and Dean of Students, Gloria Melton.

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