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Entrepreneur Forum: Building A Great Team

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Join us on Tuesday, November 8th for this great event!

How often have you heard:  “We don’t invest in products, we invest in people!”, or “Who’s on the management team?”  Time and again, history has shown that companies with ordinary products backed by extraordinary people succeed in the marketplace.  Learn why this is the case.

But if your company is starting out, or one with limited resources, and can’t really afford a Fortune 500 pay package, what can you do to attract and retain the talent that you need to compete in this highly competitive world?   How do you negotiate equity positions?  Learn how to build awesome teams that match your current stage of business development and your current funding status.  Learn steps for supporting highly creative and innovative team environment. Bring your questions and thorniest challenges to this program to advance your technology entrepreneurship skill set.

Tuesday, November 8

Networking social with refreshments 5:30 PM

Panel discussion 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM

Michigan Technological University
ATDC Conference Room
1402 E. Sharon Avenue
Houghton, MI

Locally hosted by Michigan Tech’s Office of Innovation & Industry Engagement, the School of Business and Economics and the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance.  The public is welcome to attend at no cost.

Please join us!  This series has generated a lot of practical advice from the trenches on how it is really done.

Contact John Diebel (jfdiebel@mtu.edu) 487-1082 for more information.

Savvy Entrepreneurship Series Continues…

Innovation and Industry Engagement and the School of Business and Economics will host the next panel discussions in the Savvy Entrepreneur series, from 5:30 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, April 12, in the large conference room of the ATDC at 1402 Sharon Ave.

The series provides early- to mid-stage technology entrepreneurs with guidance on key topics that all startups must navigate to realize success. This month’s topic includes “Managing Cash Flow.”

Generate new high-value contacts across the Great Lakes region, while gaining technology, entrepreneur, best-practice insights. As well, learn tricks and tips on understanding cash flow and maximizing the effectiveness of your company.

Event Panelists:

Todd Rammler is the president of Michigan CFO Associates.

Pavan Muzumdar is the CFA-managing director of Pieris Capital.

Mike Semanco is president and chief operating officer for Hennessey Capital.

Jeremy Sanger is founder and majority owner of Ventech LLC.

Attendance is free, and all students and community members are welcome. RSVP to John Diebel (TED) at 487-1082 or at jfdiebel@mtu.edu .

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, see Enterprise Forum .

Panel Discussion: Inside The Mind Of An Angel Investor

Tuesday, February 8, Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics and the Office of Technology and Economic Development will resume its collaboration with the MIT Enterprise Forum to bring interactive Savvy Entrepreneur panel discussions of business topics to the Michigan Tech campus. A social gathering with refreshments will begin at 5:30 pm to be followed by the interactive panel discussion from 6 pm – 8 pm in the large conference room of the ATDC building at 1402 Sharon Avenue. Attendance is free. All students and community members are welcome.  A RSVP sent to jfdiebel@mtu.edu is encouraged.

This month’s topic is “Inside The Mind Of An Angel Investor”.  For most entrepreneurs, raising seed and early stage capital is arguably one of the most challenging steps of starting a company. This financing stage is usually too early for most professional Venture Capital firms. After you’ve put in most of your own money and that of some close friends and family, it is probably
time to seek out some Angel investors.

• Who is the best type of Angel investor for my company?
• Where do I find these Angels?
• What role should they play in addition to providing investment dollars?
• What does a typical Angel look for in a “startup” company?

If finding out the answers to this question is important to your venture, then please join the MIT Enterprise Forum on Tuesday, February 8, 2011.


David Weaver, Chairman/Founder, Great Lakes Angels, brings a wealth of experience in raising capital and has built strong relationships within the venture capital and angel investing communities. David is a board member of MTEC’s local SmartZone.

Jen Baird – CEO Accio Energy and previously CEO of Accuri Cytomoters. She will share investor initial discussion and on boarding stories.

Leading Investors will be rounding out this great panel to answer your top questions. Bring your questions and thorniest challenges to this program to advance your technology entrepreneurship skill set.

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More information on panelists is available at: