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Monthly Meeting Recap – February 2015

For next time:
Bring 2-3 ideas for skillshares that we’ll do in future meetings (i.e. Allison likes talking about hashtags; Kim knows MailChimp, she’ll show us how to make awesome e-newsletters; Hannah will show us how to rock Google Forms.)
Here’s a quick recap of today so we’re all on the same page:
The three actions we identified that we can work on are:
  1. Establishing an informal working group and place to chat (via a Facebook group and email)
  2. Figuring out a centralized way to gather, post and share stories
  3. Developing/enhancing Google calendar to better include big annual events; in the interim we’ll have a Google doc or other way to track those events
That second one will be an ongoing discussion really, but I’ll be talking with Jenn and our web team to look at options for aggregating blog posts.
Upcoming projects and events of interest:
  • Ian Repp is leading a small UMC group to create a campus-wide social media plan; our comm group will be the first group of “social media ambassadors” to implement and tweak the plan
  • Forestry hosts a Friday Forum focused on inter-disciplinary work, which will be a good way to connect researchers, find stories and collaborate on upcoming projects
  • Engineering Week (#eweek2015) is wrapping up–great job on the events and photos!
  • Clean Snowmobile Challenge is next week–I’ll be live tweeting #cleansnowmobile and sharing stories, audio and geeky giddiness throughout the week.
Finally, we discussed bigger issues with:
  • tiers of media coverage (social media, blog, news release)
  • campus vs. school vs. department coverage — and beyond Tech
  • possibilities for media training for faculty
  • how to pester/goad/poke/plead with faculty to get research updates and stories
  • how communication duties are integrated into our jobs (especially if it’s not a primary duty)