Monthly Meeting Recap — April 2016

New news!

  • Allison Mills gave us a tour of Unscripted, Michigan Tech’s new science news site. To borrow a phrase, Unscripted carries the rest of the story—in-depth looks at current research, commentary on science trends, and sometimes just some good old-fashioned nerdery.
  • Unscripted was designed on the  responsive template that is now used by Michigan Tech news, Michigan Tech magazine, and Research magazine.

Responsive Websites

  • We will be moving to a responsive template over the summer. Becky Barnard gave a presentation introducing responsive design, discussing the timeline for our university-wide rollout, and how to prepare for the transition.

Spring Cleaning

One of the best ways to prepare for the responsive template is to clean things up a bit. If you have free time this summer, we suggest you:

  • Ask faculty to update their bios at
  • Look at to make sure accounts affiliated with your department are still in use. Let us know if you’d like anything removed.
  • Spring clean your current website to reduce page count and tighten up the navigation