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Monthly Meeting Recap—July 2016

Even though we’ve been wilting in the heat, summer is the time to heat up the creative fires. Here’s a quick recap of what we shared—please share more apps, podcasts, and inspirations here or on the Facebook group.
  • Remember we’re all connected. Here’s what Brene Brown says about empathy.
  • Check out Trello for staying organized (and read their tips below on staving off frazzled feelings.)
  • Note-taking apps are awesome; Evernote, recommended by Jeff Lewin (bio sci), has some good pdf capture and OCR features
  • Write better and sound smart with Grammarly, a more-than-spellcheck chrome plug-in
  • WOOP: 4 simple steps to make stuff actually happen using mental contrasting (stands for wish-outcome-obstacle-plan)
  • Some podcasts to up your game: Happier with Gretchen RubinHidden Brain (including this one on WOOP), Note to Self (check out their Infomagical boot camp)