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Procedures for Registration Forms (Waivers)

Registration forms help students gain necessary approval from their academic advisor or instructor, and register that approval with the Registrar’s Office. These forms can be found on the Registrar’s Website:

  1. Grading Option/Credit Change Form
  2. Overload Permission Form (taking more than 18 credits)
  3. Special Approval/Restriction Waiver (pre-req, co-req, major, level, class restriction)
  4. Time/Exam Conflict Permission Form

To get into a filled section students need to talk with the department offering the course.  The green “filled section/late add” forms can be found in the Student Services Office, 130 Admin Building.

Repeating Courses

One of the easiest ways to improve your GPA is by repeating courses.

  • If you fail a required course, you will have repeat and pass the class to meet degree requirement.
  • Students may repeat a course no more than two times.
  • Students may repeat courses with a grade of CD or lower.
  • When a course is repeated, any credit previously earned under the course number is forfeited and the transcript will indicate NR (no grade – repeated) for the earlier attempt.
  • The most recent grade is used in your GPA calculation.  Even if it is lower than the first.
  • Special permission from the Office of Student Affairs and your academic advisor is required to repeat a course a 2nd and final time.

Pre-requisite courses must be passed in order to continue to next course.

Transferring Credits Into Michigan Tech

Transfer Credits: If you would like to take classes elsewhere and transfer them to MTU, use the online Transfer Equivalency system to look up classes.

  • Choose courses that will transfer to an equivalent course at MTU that are required for your degree.
  • To access list of courses already approved for transfer use the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System.
  • If the course you are looking for is NOT on the Transfer Credit Equivalency list, you can request to have it evaluated for transfer credit by sending this information to the  MTU Transfer Services Office (Jean Burich), Admin Bldg 130, for each course:  (or email,  or call 487-3323)
  1. University or college name
  2. Course ID and title
  3. Syllabus
  4. Textbook(s) used (usually on the syllabus)
  5. Detailed Description (usually on the syllabus)
  • If all this information is available online, you can send the exact link to  A short catalog description is not enough information to evaluate for MTU credit. You must provide a syllabus.
  • Enroll in courses, earn good grades. Grades must be C or better to be accepted at MTU. If the course(s) are pre-requisites to classes you need to register for next semester, have a copy of your transcript from the transfer college sent to MTU, so that our system knows the courses you plan to transfer.

Pre-req? Students planning to take a class elsewhere over summer that is a pre-req for a course in their Fall schedule will need to contact Jean Burich,  She will enter the transfer course into the system to allow you to register for all of your fall courses.

How to transfer credits to MTU after you complete course(s):

  • Have an official copy of your transcript sent to MTU’s Registrar’s Office

Michigan Technological University – Transfer Services
130 Administration Building – Student Service Center
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1295


Students in Civil and Environmental Engineering may participate in the Enterprise Program to fulfill senior design requirements.  Enterprises are student-led companies embracing rich experiences in engineering design, team building, project management, and end-to-end original product development. Just as in Senior Design, Enterprise teams work under the direction of a faculty advisor.

The program gives teams of students from varied disciplines the opportunity to work for several semesters in a business-like setting to solve real-world engineering problems supplied by industry partners.

Students must join an Enterprise Team that is relevant to their engineering discipline (civil or environmental engineering).   Students interested in an Enterprise must  talk with the Civil & Environmental Engineering Academic Advisor.

How to change majors or add minors

Change major

Meet with your new advisor.

  1. Find out the latest requirements for your chosen major from the department offering the major. See Degree Audits or go to the department website for flowcharts. Find out requirements for joining the department regarding GPA, probation, etc…
  2. Some credits you’ve taken may be applied toward new major – see advisor for new major.
  3. To update your major, please review the Curriculum Change Portlet Tutorial and login to MyMichiganTech.

List of advisors:

Add a minor

  1. Find out the latest requirements for your chosen minor online or get it from the department offering the minor. Minor Audit Forms
  2. Some credits may double count toward your major and minor. Some courses may qualify to be Professional Electives. Some courses may qualify to be Gen Ed HASS courses. See link for more information: Minor Information
  3. To update your minor, please review the Curriculum Change Portlet Tutorial and login to MyMichiganTech.

List of advisors:

If you are interested in adding a minor you must consult your academic advisor to see how the minor courses can fit into your degree program.