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Walkable Urban Development; a Discourse on Research and Trends

February 17, 2011
642 Dow building
4:00 p.m.

Presenter: Dustin Sommer

Abstract: Current economic and demographic trends have presented large unsatisfied demand for walkable urban environments. The development of the these livable walkable places is very complex and calls for an integrated design methodology that challenges standard development practice. The roles of engineers, architects, and investors in the evolution of the built environment are poised for redefinition and it is the opportunity of the next generation of researchers and practitioners to advance the practice.In my graduate study, I am working to see how my engineering background can be synthesized with architecture and business to advance the practice and strive to produce these walkable and livable urban communities. The work focuses on transportation as the physical mechanism spawning development and following the research of Christopher Leinberger and Richard Florida I am looking to combine architectural design, history, and theory into a synthesis. Through case studies the presentation will illustrate the trends and drivers of walkable urban environments presently orrecently built and throughout I hope to posit my ideas on the synthesis of the three fields towards a more sophisticated real estate development role.