Energy Harvesting and Storage: A View From Nanoscale

Civil Engineering CE 5990 Graduate Seminar

Thursday November 3, 4 pm, 641 Dow


The demands for renewable energy and improving the efficiency of existing energy technologies have triggered worldwide research on advanced materials for energy storage and conversion. The present talk gives an overview on the PI’s current research on energy harvesting nanowires, Li-ion batteries, and PEM fuel cells. In energy harvesting nanowires research, we have studied the electrochemical coupling in piezoelelectric-semiconducting nanowires from both modeling and in-situ quantitative microscopy perspectives. In the Li-ion battery work, a new experimental setup to study the Li-ion intercalation into nanowires was developed. The last, electro-mechanical characterization of degraded and fresh electrode-membrane assembly was performed to understand the Pt degradation and durability of cathode catalyst layer in PEM fuel cells.

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