Comparison of Three Methods for Driven Pile Capacity

Our Civil Engineering Seminar of this week will be presented by three
graduate students: Michael Hochscheidt, Karl Krueger, and Tony Oxley.
Public welcome.


Tony Oxley


Stan Vitton


Several different methods for determining pile capacity are in use today. Three of these methods were evaluated to determine the accuracy of the predictions with regards to the actual capacity determined from testing. After analyzing the data the most accurate method for all soil types appeared to be the Army Corps method. The DRIVEN program was shown to be extremely inaccurate in cohesionless soils, and the API method was fairly close to the Army Corps method. It was also determined that no trends due to pile size, type or material or soil strength were present. However, there was significant variability in the data, so it is recommended that additional testing and analysis be performed to confirm the conclusions reached.