Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar April 19th

Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar April 19th:
Time: 4-5pm, Thursday (April 19)
location: Dow 642
Public welcome

Seminar title: Material Matters
by Jerry Anzalone, Lab Supervisor/Research Scientist I, PhD candidate
Dr. Larry Sutter, advisor

Abstract provided by speaker:

Jerry manages the Nonvolotile, nonconductive phase characterization
facility on M&M’s seventh floor. The position allows him to engage
in a number of research activities from several disciplines.

Jerry will be discussing a few of the projects he has taken part in as
well as investigations of the effect potassium acetate deicer has on
alkali-silica reactivity, the subject of his doctoral research. Other
discussion topics include ASR mitigation; new and old methods for
determining air void parameters in hardened concrete; recent aggregate
polishing research; development of open source technologies; relevant
extracurricular activity, all the while giving an overview of the ample
capabilities of the materials characterization facility.

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