Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar: Nov 8

Presenter: Renee Oats, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
November 8, 2012; Dow 641; 4 pm

Title: An Evaluation of Using Digital Image Correlation for Condition Assessment of Bridge Infrastructure
Abstract: Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is an advancing optical technique that is gaining popularity for quantifying bridge response using a series of incremental digital images. DIC refers to a measurement technique that consists of correlating pixels in optical images. This correlation can be used to monitor 2-D and 3-D measurement changes in images. Included in this presentation is an overview of the DIC methodology and its uses in a variety of applications. This presentation also details an investigation of DIC for condition assessment and structural performance of bridge members and materials in the laboratory setting as well as an in-service bridge demonstration. Additionally, the benefits and challenges of the method will be discussed as well as the future research investigations of this method to enable efficient bridge performance measurements for advancing structural health monitoring of civil infrastructures.