How is financial aid awarded?

We have no separate application form for financial aid. Your application to the graduate program automatically results in your consideration for financial aid. We cannot evaluate your chances for receiving financial aid until we complete the review of your completed application. Typically, most new graduate students begin study in the fall, and most financial aid offers are sent out during March and April for those students. However, it is also possible to begin a program of study in January or June. Students beginning at those times may also receive financial aid.

For graduate students, financial assistance is normally awarded in the form of a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA). GRA students receive a stipend to support their education while they work on a project, under the guidance of one or more faculty members. The research project normally constitutes part of their thesis research. Students may improve their chances of receiving a GRA by contacting specific faculty with whom they would like to work.

GTA students receive a stipend to support their education in exchange for assisting with teaching of undergraduate laboratory courses. GTA positions are decided at the department level. These positions are not typically awarded to applicants from outside the U.S., although foreign students can compete for GTA positions after they have spent one or more semesters at Michigan Tech and demonstrated adequate English speaking skills. Foreign students can receive a research assistantship or fellowship during their first semester of residence.