Month: May 2018

American Chemical Society’s Biochemical Technology (ACS-BIOT) division

Date: Tue, May 1, 2018 at 2:43 PM
Dear graduate colleagues,
The American Chemical Society’s Biochemical Technology (ACS-BIOT) division is planning to set-up a new graduate student chapter in the Midwest region. We plan to provide professional development opportunities for graduate students as well as opportunities to network with people in BioR&D space either in academia or industry through a series of events during the Fall/Spring and summer terms. To take up a leadership role and/or become a member, please sign up at
Please check out the attached program grid of Spring ACS 2018 national meeting held at New Orleans to get an idea of the work being exhibited within this division as well as the flyer to know more about the chapter’s mission/vision.
Join us in making this chapter a success!
On behalf of ACS-BIOT Midwest Chapter,

Pratik Joshi, PhD candidate