Tag: Bioprocess Engineering Minor

How do I add a minor?

First, get the most current listing of requirement from the Registrar’s Office, Degree Services webpage. Look for “minor audits”.

Next, plan ahead because many classes have prerequisites that you need to complete first. You can find prerequisites on the minor audit and in the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. Contact the minor advisor for help planning.

Finally, talk to your major advisor to determine if any (or all!) of the minor classes can double count towards your major requirements. 

Once you have a workable plan in place then request the addition of the minor through your MyMichiganTech webpage. Directions for how to do this are on the Registrar’s Office, Degree Services webpage.

What are the requirements for the minor in bioprocess engineering?

To obtain the interdisciplinary minor in bioprocess engineering, you must take 16 credits from an approved list of courses.  Of these 16 credits, 10 credits may double count with your major requirements; six credits must not double count with your major or with any other minor (except as free elective).  For the specific rules for this minor, see our bioprocess minor brochure.