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Which math lab section do I enroll in?

The calculus math classes, MA 1160 and MA 1161 (calc I), MA 2160 (calc II), and MA 3160 (multivariable calc), require that you enroll in corresponding recitation and lab sections.  For example, if you are enrolling in R01 then you also will need to enroll in L01.  R02 enrolls in L02, R03 enrolls in L03, etc.  If you do not enroll in the corresponding recitation/lab sections then you will get a registration link error.

Why can’t I register for Linear Algebra/Differential Equations? I keep getting a registration error.

Make sure that you are enrolling in the correct course.

There are two courses named “Elementary Linear Algebra”:

  • MA 2320 Elementary Linear Algebra (2 cr – 14 week semester long course)
  • MA 2321 Elementary Linear Algebra (2 cr – 7 week accelerated course, track A)

There are also two courses named “Elementary Differential Equations”:

  • MA 3520 Elementary Differential Equations (2 cr – 14 week semester long course)
  • MA 3521 Elementary Differential Equations (2 cr – 7 week accelerated course, track B)

If you plan to take both linear algebra and differential equations in the same semester, then you must enroll in MA 2321 and MA 3521.  These courses are co-requisites.

If you only want or need to take one of these classes, then you must enroll in the semester long version of the class, either MA 2320 or MA 3520.

What Chemical Engineering electives will be offered in 2015-16? 2016-17?

The schedule for chemical engineering electives is posted on the undergraduate advising web page.  This handout is updated regularly.  The posted schedule may change due to sabbaticals and other staffing issues.  Note that classes marked ** are offered only every other year.  Most classes have prerequisites; please check the Schedule of Classes for details.


Do I have to register for UN 3002 to do a co-op or can I just skip it?

There are some consequences if you do not register for UN 3002.  If you are not registered for 2 credit of co-op then you will no longer be a full-time student.  This could impact your financial aid (loans or scholarships), visa status, or qualification for health insurance.  During the summer, however, most students do not need to maintain full-time status.  In this case whether or not to sign up for the co-op class is purely your choice.

For those students here on an F-1 visa, the Career Center recommends that you register for co-op credits during the summer as well.  By registering as a co-op student you are considered a full-time student and will not be utilizing your practical training time.

You may use up to 6 credits of co-op UN 3002 towards your technical electives (per Departmental vote 10Feb2016).  UN 3002, UN 3003, UN 3004, and UN 3005 are on the technical elective non-core list.  Any additional co-op credits above 6 can count towards free electives.

Can I retake a class?

You may retake any class in which you receive a CD, D, or F. However, before you retake a class there are two things that you should know:

  1. The second grade always replaces the first grade.  If you retake a class and receive a better grade this will improve both your semester and overall GPAs.  However you can retake a class and get a poorer grade.  For example if you have a D (a passing grade) and retake a course and receive an F (a failing grade), you now have a failing grade in the course and would have to retake the class a third time.
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