What courses count as chemical engineering elective?

The rules in the Department of Chemical Engineering for technical electives are posted on the web on the undergraduate advising page.  The rules are updated from time to time and students are advised to choose the list that corresponds to their catalog year (usually the year they entered Michigan Tech).

As of 3 February 2015, the following courses count as chemical engineering elective:

CM 2200                Intro Minerals and Materials*                             3cr

CM 3450                Computer-Aided Problem Solving*                    3cr

CM 3820                Sampling Statistics and Instrumentation*        3cr

CM/ENT 3974       Fuel Cell Fundamentals*                                       1cr

CM 4000                Chemical Engineering Research*                       var

CM 4020               UG Research in Minerals Proc Eng’g                  var

CM 4040               UG Research in Bioengineering                           var

CM 4060               UG Research in Polymer Engineering                var

CM 4125                Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory                   1cr

CM 4500                Particle Technology*                                            4cr

CM/CH 4631         Polymer Science Laboratory                                2cr

CM 4650                Polymer Rheology*                                               3cr

CM 4655                Polymer Rheology Laboratory                            1cr

CM 4710                Biochemical Processes*                                       3cr

CM/MY 4740        Hydrometallurgy/Pyrometallurgy*                   4cr

CM 4770                Analytical Microdevice Technology*                 3cr

CM 4780                Biomanufacturing and Biosafety                        3cr

CM 5100                Applied Mathematics for Chem Eng*                3cr

CM 5200                Advanced CM Thermodynamics*2                     3cr

CM 5300                Advanced Transport Phenomena*2                   3cr

CM 5400                Advanced Reactive Systems Analysis*2            3cr

CMU 8950U          CM Technical Elective                                           var

Note that many of the courses listed above are not offered every semester and most have prerequisites.  A “*” indicates courses that do not require additional prerequisites other than classes CM majors must already take.  It is best to plan out your technical electives ahead of time.

If you have questions on which CM classes you need to take, please visit the degree requirements page.

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