Chadde and Urban Forest Stewardship

DPS Students at Belle IsleCoordinator Joan Chadde (Educational Programs) was in Detroit Nov. 19 and 20 to assist high school teachers conducting forest stewardship field trips on Belle Isle as part of the USFS-funded Urban Forest Stewardship Initiative. 140 students and their teachers from Cass Tech High School, Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School, Ronald Brown Academy, and Ben Carson High School participated in the three-hour field trips each day.

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On the Road

Coordinator Joan Chadde (Educational Programs) and the Center for Science & Environmental Outreach is coordinating the Urban Forest Stewardship Program for 18 schools, 40 teachers, and nearly 900 students in Detroit.

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DPS students ‘Go Green’ with a tour of Belle Isle through the Urban Forest Stewardship Program

With an emphasis on projects that have a positive fiscal impact but also contribute constructively to student achievement and community health and well-being, Detroit Public Schools is designing and implementing a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan encompassing energy, waste management, transportation, nutrition, and indoor and outdoor site environments that involves educators, students and parents as well as an array of partners

The Urban Forest Stewardship Program provides teachers with the training and resources needed to integrate forestry into their curriculums.

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