CLS at ICAD 2014

ICAD 2014Notables

PhD students Maryam Fakhr Hosseini and Steven Landry, both in the Mind Music Machine Lab, applied cognitive science and human factors graduate program, have been selected as ICAD 2014 ThinkTank (Doctoral Consortium) Scholars. They will present their research at a special pre-ICAD 2014 ThinkTank Symposium with leading scholars in the field of auditory display and sonification. The students will receive generous travel support for the conference from the National Science Foundation.

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On the Road

Assistant professor Myounghoon (Philart) Jeon (CLS) and his students presented three papers at the 20th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2014), in New York, June 22-25. M. Jeon, and Y. Sun, presented, “Design and Evaluation of Lyricons (lyrics + earcons) for Semantic and Aesthetic Improvements of Auditory Cues.” M.A. Nees, T. Gable, M. Jeon and B. N. Walker presented, “Prototype Auditory Displays for a Fuel Efficiency Driver Interface.” S.M. Fakhr Hosseini, A. Riener, R. Bose and M. Jeon presented, “‘Listen2dRoom’: Helping Visually Impaired People Navigate Indoor Environments Using an Ultrasonic Sensor-Based Orientation Aid.”

Philart also organized the first workshop on “Sonic Information Design” with international collaborators at this conference.

From Tech Today.