What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s In Psychology?

Krista Knight, Susie Amato-Henderson, and Corey LaBissoniere were interviewed for Michigan Tech Magazine.

Of the 72 undergraduate degree programs available at Michigan Tech, perhaps none is more misunderstood than Psychology. Susan Amato-Henderson, chair of the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences, says the problem begins with the definition of the subject itself. “People don’t know what psychology is,” Amato-Henderson says. “Educating our students, and others, is a battle.”

Amato-Henderson says one of those battles involves stereotypes. “When you say the word ‘psychology,’ people tend to conjure up images of patients on chaise lounges confessing feelings about their parents. But psychology is much broader than just therapy.”

Read more at Michigan Tech Magazine Fall 2015, by Mark Wilcox.