Day: February 11, 2016

Isle Royale Moose Watch for Educators Summer 2016

Isle Royale Moose Watch for Educators

Moose Watch

July 7 – July 14, 2016
Deadline: May 6, 2016

Moosewatch for Educators is a unique field experience in support of the ecological study of wolves and moose at Isle Royale National Park. Educators will receive the technical instruction needed to participate as a member of a backcountry research team collecting moose bones and performing field necropsies on moose kill sites. The research team will be operating in an off-trail wilderness setting involving travel by canoe and foot. They will learn research methods, backcountry navigation, and wilderness living skills. The course will integrate aspects of earth science, geography, anatomy and physiology, and general ecology and mathematics. Moose pathology and anatomy will be an integral instructional component of the program. Participants will provide oral presentations about their experiences (at the end of the field course) as well as develop lesson plans off-site for use at their local schools.

ED 5560
3 credits

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