Hunter Malinowski, Psychology Phenom Adds Computer Science to Chart Her Own Course

Hunter Malinowski
Hunter Malinowski

Every college journey is unique. Students have so many different majors available to them. There are hundreds of classes available. Add in opportunities to work alongside professors doing undergraduate research, participate in clubs, and complete internships, and the combinations are virtually unlimited. Learn how Hunter Malinowski made her Michigan Tech experience unique by pursuing dual degrees in computer science and psychology and adding research, leadership, internship, and other experiences.

“The more I’ve done with psychology and computer science, the more I realize how many connections there are, from designing a website to the user interface and user experience,” Malinowski said. “I want to go into the data science/machine learning field. I think there’s a lot to be said about the psychology perspective for that.”

Hunter Malinowski ’24, BS Psychology/Computer Science

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