Month: February 2011

This Week’s Events

Come Enjoy Michigan Tech's Weekly Events

LINUX INSTALLATHON: The Linux Users Group at Michigan Tech will be hosting a Linux Installathon on Saturday, February 26 from noon to 5:00 pm in the MUB Peninsula Room. Stop by during this time and get help installing and configuring Linux on your computer, or just enjoy the demonstrations and presentations and chat with other Linux or UNIX users in the area. For more information, including a tentative presentation schedule, visit For other questions about this event, contact Matt Gardeski at


PANEL DISCUSSION POST UNDERGRAD OPTIONS: The Society of Women Engineers will be hosting a panel discussion on post-undergraduate options on Wednesday, March 2 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in Chem Sci 101. Representatives and members from the Peace Corps, medical schools, the graduate school, industry, and academia will be a part of the panel to answer your questions and inform you about post-undergraduate options. There will also be discussion on how an MBA can benefit you and your career. The Society of Women Engineers is a co-ed organization open to all majors! For questions about this event, contact Alicia Walby at


LEADERSHIP IN CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS: “Navigating the Murky Waters of Leadership” will be presented by Jess Turuc, Assistant Director of Student Activities, on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 6:00 pm in MUB Ballroom A1. Become a better leader and maximize your organization’s effectiveness by learning your members’ perspectives, what makes them tick, and what members can bring to the table. This interactive session will help you broaden your organization’s cohesion, combat hidden challenges and stereotypes, and appreciate everyone’s differences for society. For questions, contact


REMINDER LEADERSHIP AWARD NOMINATIONS: Nominations for the President’s Award for Leadership and the Vice President for Student Affairs Award for Service need to be submitted by Friday, March 4, 2011, at 5:00 p.m. Go to . Nominations for all other Student Leadership Awards need to be submitted by Friday, March 18, 2011.


WEEK OF WELLNESS SURVEY: Did you participate in this year’s Week of Wellness? If so, would you take a few minutes to complete the Week of Wellness Survey? Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve future events. Go to Thanks in advance for your help! If you have questions, contact Michelle Bangen, health and wellness coordinator, at


INPUT NEEDED FOR DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARDS: The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Faculty Development seeks input for its annual Distinguished Teaching Awards, which recognize outstanding contribution to the instructional mission of the university. Based on over 51,000 student ratings of instruction forms, eleven finalists have been identified for the 2011 awards. The selection committee is soliciting comments from students, staff, faculty, and alumni to aid in its deliberation process. Here are the finalists for the two awards:

Associate Professor / Professor Category:

Brian Barkdoll (Associate Professor) — Civil and Environmental Engineering
Andrew Burton (Associate Professor) — Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Will Cantrell (Associate Professor) — Physics
Guy Hembroff (Associate Professor) — Technology
John Lukowski (Associate Professor) — Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor / Lecturer / Professor of Practice Category:

Philip Kendall (Lecturer) — Mathematical Sciences
Michael Meyer (Senior Lecturer) — Physics
Scott Miers (Assistant Professor) — Mechanical Engineering — Engineering Mechanics
Rupak Rajachar (Assistant Professor) — Biomedical Engineering
David Wanless (Assistant Professor) — Technology
Roger Woods (Lecturer) — Business and Economics

Comments on the nominees should be sent to the Center for Teaching via its comment website: . Comments are due by Monday, March 28, 2011. The process for determining the Distinguished Teaching Award recipients from this list of finalists also involves the additional surveying of their classes by members of ODK. The Distinguished Teaching Award Decision Committee makes the final determination of the award recipients. The recipients of the 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award will be formally announced in the fall.

To find out more about each week’s events visit:

Need Help in Classes?

Are you struggling in a class this semester or you just can ‘t seem to understand what your professor is teaching you?

At this point in the semester it is very common to feel overwhelmed by your classes. If you’re getting behind, or you just want to be sure you are successful in your classes, consider visiting one of our learning centers. We currently have learning centers to help with Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Writing and Communication, and Physics. Some of Michigan Tech’s top students use the learning centers. Gregory Ellenberger, a fourth-year Mechanical Engineer Technology major said, “I went to walk-in hours at the Math Learning Center and they really helped me complete my homework and raise my grade in Calc 2.” The math learning center is a fantastic resource. The coaches in the centers can help you complete your homework, study for exams, and review tricky concepts. A trip to any of the learning centers is sure to help raise your grade in that difficult class. Learn from the best by visiting one of the centers today.

Biology (DOW 744)
11pm-5pm, 7pm-9pm

(Chem Sci 208)

Computer Science
(Rekhi 114)
2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm

Math (Fisher 128)
10am-4pm, 7pm-9pm

(MEEM 2nd Floor)
10am-6pm, 7pm-9pm

Writing and Communication
(Walker 107)

(Fisher 228)

Up & Coming Free Events!!

4:00PM-8:00AM- All Nighter Celebration (campus wide)

Thursday and Friday Feb 10-11:
9:00-Sleigh Rides (meet at DHH)

Saturday Feb 12:
11:00AM-3:00PM- Broomball Costume Photo Ops (Broomball courts)
2:00 PM- Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra (Rosza Center)
8:30 PM- Torch Light Parade (Mt. Ripley)
8:45 PM- Fireworks (Mt. Ripley)

Monday Feb 14:
7:30AM-1:00PM-Commuter Give-a-ways (parking lots and commuter lounge)

Tuesday Feb 15:
6:00PM- Husky Lead “Navigating the Murky Waters of Leadership” (MUB A1)

Wednesday Feb 16th
Noon – 3Pm   – “How the Health are You?” (MUB Ballroom)

Friday Feb 18:
10:00PM- Comedian Tracey Ashley (MUB Commons)

Saturday Feb 26:
TBA: “Snow Day” Community Service

Winter Carnival 2011

Sigma Phi Epsilon's 2011 Statue

Winter Carnival 2011 is on its way. For those of you who are from the local area this might seem like just another year, but, as Michigan Tech students, this Winter Carnival should be particularly special.

The festivities began this weekend with the crowing of our 2011 Winter Carnival Queen (Lydia Patch) on Saturday and curling and snow volleyball on Sunday. The celebrations officially begin on Wednesday February 9 at 10:00 pm. All classes will be canceled on Thursday and Friday so strap on your snow pants, head to campus, and enjoy.
Even if you’re not competing with a Winter Carnival team, there are lots of great activities to fill your weekend. Watch statue construction from 4pm on Wednesday to 8am on Thursday. After a quick nights rest, enjoy the Beards Competition or Stage review, with showings from 1pm-9pm on Thursday. Enjoy free sleigh rides and dog sled rides on Friday and top it all off with fireworks and the torchlight parade on Saturday.

For the complete schedule of events visit:
Happy Winter Carnival!